17 women beat up man on Dubai-to-Delhi flight

By Rajive Singh

DUBAI 22 April 2019: An engineer on a Dubai to Delhi flight was beaten up by 17 women for touching the hand of a sleeping woman on the late night Spicejet flight.

The man, SK, was arrested on arrival at Delhi airport early Thursday. The woman has not been identified.

Reports in the Indian press said that the woman was dozing off with her father on one side and the alleged molestor on the other, when she felt a hand on her hand. She woke up and asked SK to remove his hand and behave himself. SK shouted back at her and the ensuing yelling match woke up the flight.

Several women gathered around and when they heard the woman saying SK molested her, they started beating SK as did the girl’s family.

The airline staff were able to intervene and after several requests, calm returned to the flight.

Airport security staff were informed of the incidence. Apparently, on landing both the woman and SK called the police, who arrested SK on charges of sexual harassment.

Dubai Gazette