55% rise in threat levels across the Middle East

An average of 91,956 malwares being detected per month in the UAE, the highest in the region

Trend Micro Incorporated (TYO: 4704; TSE: 4704), a global leader in security software, is concerned that the Middle East is seeing a sustained rise in threat activity, with a 55% increase in threat levels quarter-on-quarter, this year alone.

Trend Micro is detecting an average of 91,965 malwares a month in the UAE, the highest in the region, followed by Saudi Arabia at 87,876, Qatar 21,293, and then Oman, which is averaging 10,173 malwares a month.

The security experts are urging businesses, individuals, and government entities to be more vigilant against cyber-attacks, as the consequences can be devastating, this, according to Ihab Moawad, VP Mediterranean, Mid. East, Africa, Russia & CIS.

“The Middle East is a major driver for the global economy, as such it will attract cybercriminals. For Trend Micro, this region is a growth area, and we remain committed in our efforts to keeping our customers, safe from internet threats. As a company we have significant resources on the ground to help our customers deal with any attack on their network,” added Moawad.

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Industry leading security products and solutions, demonstrations on how to combat real time, and zero day vulnerabilities are all part of Trend Micro’s security demonstrations this year.

Ransomware is one of the biggest threats today, and the Middle East is not immune to this threat. On average Trend Micro detects 53,824 ransomwares per month, and this is the combined ransomware threats, for email, URL and file.  Saudi Arabia has the highest levels of ransomware threats at 72%, followed by UAE at 15%, and Oman at 2.5%.

A worrying concern for Trend Micro, is the rise in the number of online banking malwares in the region. On average, Trend Micro sees 611 online banking malwares per month. Saudi Arabia is the worst affected with 213 malwares a month, followed by the UAE, which sees about 124 online banking malwares per month.

Another major security concern is the number of Malicious Mobile App Downloaded across the Middle East. Trend Micro is seeing on average 225,018 malicious apps, which are harboring on average, 6,856 different viruses.

Saudi Arabia see the highest malicious mobile apps download, averaging 51,716 a month, with an average virus count of 1,346, followed closely by the UAE which sees 49,937 downloads a month, with an average virus count of 1,227.

Globally, Trend Micro sees on average, 250 million threats a day. With the growing presence of ransomware and other malicious threats, it is imperative that companies and individuals rely on the right security software, and have adequate security protocols in place to prevent cyberattacks.

Photo Caption: Ihab Moawad, VP Mediterranean, Mid. East, Africa, Russia & CIS at Trend Micro.