764 Abu Dhabi drivers get their licenses back

DUBAI 20 November 2020: A total of 764 drivers of registered vehicles in Abu Dhabi benefitted from traffic point reduction courses and retrieved their driver’s licenses over the previous nine months of 2020.

Colonel Dr. Mohammed Ahmed Al Buraiki, Director of Police Monitoring and Community Security Care at the Abu Dhabi Police, ADP, highlighted the ADP’s keenness to promote security and community awareness, by adopting traffic safety systems and requirements and supporting them with a training program for drivers to promote safety.

He explained that the program, conducted in Arabic, English and Urdu, focusses on training traffic law violators by enrolling them in specialist lectures and courses, noting that drivers can take part in the program only once per year, with eight traffic points being deducted after completion for those who have accumulated 23 traffic points or less.

Drivers with 24 traffic points will normally have their license’s confiscated and suspended for three months, but they will be exempted if they pass the training course, he added while pointing out the program is continuing during the coronavirus, COVID-19, pandemic. The number of enrolled drivers has decreased, and they were contacted in their mother tongues to ensure adherence to precautionary and preventive measures, he further added.

The program also raises the awareness of drivers of the importance of safe driving and teach them how to address traffic points and promote positive behaviors, to avoid the suspension of their licenses, he noted.

Al Buraiki urged drivers to follow traffic laws and regulations to avoid fines and vehicle seizures, as well as to protect everyone’s safety.

Dubai Gazette