Abu Dhabi issues tenders worth over Dh10 billion in H1

from ten different government entities

ABU DHABI 8 August 2017: The Department of Finance- Abu Dhabi (DoF), has announced that the ‘Al Maqta’a bidding hall’ processed tenders worth more than Dh10 billion, from ten different government entities in Abu Dhabi, during the first half of 2017.

The tenders managed by ‘Al Maqta’a bidding hall’ included infrastructure projects in Abu Dhabi, said Wam.

The Al Maqta’a bidding hall was established in June 2015 for capital and operational project tenders. The aim behind its establishment is to enhance transparency, competitiveness, and openness pertaining to tenders issued by Abu Dhabi-based government entities which are of a value of more than Dh100 million.

Gamal Ahmed Al Khouri, Chairman of the Supervisory Committee at Al Maqtaa Bidding Hall, said the DoF complies with the highest level of transparency and competitiveness in conducting government bidding in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, noting that the establishment of the hall translates Abu Dhabi Government’s keenness to follow best international practices in areas of corporate governance as part of the efforts made by the ministry to bolster the developmental drive and boost economic competitiveness in a way that ensures more investment inflows.

By Rajive Singh

Dubai Gazette