Getting a service fix getting easier

new start-up launched

DUBAI 12 August 2017:  Have you tried to get your leaking tap fixed or air conditioner serviced. First, it is difficult to find the right provider – and then it is a hit-and-miss as far the results go.

The problem is too much but unsuitable information on the net. There are many reasons why current search directories don’t work up to your expectations, according to FixonClick, a web and mobile application start-up based in Dubai.

  • These are paid listings and only promote providers who pay them
  • The ratings and reviews available are fake/not reliable
  • Once you leave your contact number, you get bombarded with unwanted and irrelevant calls.

FixonClick, has created a service matching portal for UAE residents and service providers, the company said.

It was soft launched mid-April 2017 and has reached over 1,300 service providers offering over 120+ services such as auto maintenance, handyman services, air conditioning repair and servicing, cleaning for home and office, event management, photography, catering, interior decorations and more.

Customers can key in their request, receive quotes and choose the service provider. Registration and quotes are free of cost for service provider, thus creating an unbiased services portal.

FixonClick is an initiative by a group of individuals to simplify day-to-day issues and job requirements by few clicks. It aims to reduce hassle and empower the SME services industry by providing managed services.

By Angel Chan