Abu Dhabi property market starts 2019 on a slow note

By Eudore R. Chand

ABU DHABI 7 April 2019: Abu Dhabi property market has experienced marginal decreases in the new year, according to ‏ Abu Dhabi Q1 2019 Property Market Report by Bayut.com.

‏The high ROI and large portfolio of affordable properties in the capital’s emerging areas have led to a high amount of interest in the Abu Dhabi property market. In Q1 of 2019, the Abu Dhabi property market has seen sales and rental prices experience marginal decreases on average for both apartments and villas compared to the prices seen in Q4 of 2018. Areas such as MBZ City and Khalifa City A are attracting a significant amount of interest from both tenants and investors, as can be seen from the high volume of searches in these areas. A number of factors can be attributed to this positive trend, including delivery of prominent off-plan projects resulting in increased investor confidence.‏


● ‏Al Reem Island‏ ‏ is highly in-demand for apartment sales offering an ROI of 6.9%. Within Al Reem Island, ‏ ‏Marina Square ‏ ‏was the most-searched-for building by potential investors.‏

● ‏Al Reef‏ ‏ continues as the most popular area for villa sales with ‏ ‏Al Reef Villas‏ ‏ attracting the most attention from potential investors. The average ROI for villas in ‏ ‏Al Reef‏ ‏ is at 7.1% for Q1 2019‏

● ‏The most significant changes for apartments are for 1-beds in ‏ ‏Al Raha Beach‏ ‏, where the prices fell by 6.5% from an average of Dh1.1 million in Q4 to Dh1.03n now. This is followed by a 5.9% decrease in prices for 1-bedroom units in ‏ ‏Al Reef‏ ‏ from Dh680k to Dh640k.‏

● ‏Similarly, for villas, there was a 6.2% decrease in sale prices for 5-bedroom villas in ‏ ‏Al Reef‏ ‏ from Dh2.27m to Dh2.13m.‏

● ‏Another notable price change for sales is an increase of 6.3% for 2-bedroom apartments in ‏ ‏Al Ghadeer‏ ‏ from Dh800k in Q4 to Dh850k in this quarter, which could be attributed to the handover of a number of off-plan units in the area‏ ‏.‏


● ‏This time ‏ ‏Mohammed Bin Zayed City (MBZ City)‏ ‏ takes the crown in both apartment and villa rentals in Abu Dhabi with ‏ ‏Zone 20 ‏ ‏and ‏ ‏Mohamed Bin Zayed Centre ‏ ‏being the most popular sub-communities respectively.‏

● ‏In terms of average rental prices for apartments, the most significant changes are for 2-bedroom units in ‏ ‏MBZ City ‏ ‏which experienced a 10% drop from Dh58k in Q4 to Dh50k in the present quarter. This was followed by a 9.4% decrease for 2-bed units in ‏ ‏Corniche Road‏ ‏ from Dh127k in the last quarter of 2018 to Dh115k in Q1 2019.‏

● ‏For villas rentals, 3-bedroom units in‏ ‏ Al Muroor‏ ‏ dropped in rental prices by 8.3% from Dh120k in Q4 2018 to Dh110k now. This is followed by 3-bed units in ‏ ‏Saadiyat‏ ‏ ‏ ‏Island‏ ‏, where prices fell by 7.7% from Dh325k to Dh300k in the first quarter of 2019.‏

‏Apartment Sales‏

‏Continuing the trend seen in Q4 of 2018, the sale prices for apartments in ‏ ‏Al Reem Island ‏ ‏remain largely stable with marginal decreases. The average prices for studios, 1-bed and 2-beds stand at Dh600k and Dh872.1k and Dh1.45m respectively.‏

‏A large majority of the areas did not experience any significant changes in sales prices for Q1 2019. The only notable price difference is for 1-beds in ‏ ‏Al Raha Beach‏ ‏ where the prices dropped by 6.5% from Dh1.1m in Q4 2018 to Dh1.03m now. This is followed by 1-bed units in Al Reef where prices dropped by 5.9% from Dh680k to Dh640k. ‏

‏There were also minimal changes for a few units in‏ ‏ Al Ghadeer‏ ‏ and ‏ ‏Al Reef‏ ‏. In‏ ‏ Al Ghadeer ‏, average prices for studios decreased by 4.8%, from Dh420k to Dh400k and for ‏ ‏Al Reef‏ ‏ the 2-bedroom apartments decreased by 3.7% from Dh830k to Dh799k. ‏

‏As for the other popular areas like ‏ ‏Yas Island‏ ‏ and prices across the board remained constant at Dh800k, Dh1.2m and Dh1.95m for studios, 1-bed and 2-bed units respectively.‏

‏Apartment Rentals‏

‏Within ‏ ‏MBZ City‏ ‏, the notable changes are a 10% drop for 2-bed units from Dh58k in Q4 to Dh50k now. As for studios and 1-beds, the prices are at Dh25.5k and Dh42k respectively. ‏

‏The next noticeable price change is for the 2-bed units in ‏ ‏Corniche Road‏ ‏, where the average rents have fallen by 9.4% from Dh127k to Dh115k. This was followed by a 7.1% decrease in 2-bed units in ‏ ‏Al Muroor‏ ‏ and‏ ‏ Al Nahyan‏ ‏ where the average prices went from Dh75k to Dh65k in both cases. ‏

‏Some units in ‏ ‏Al Khalidiyah‏ ‏, ‏ ‏Khalifa City A‏ ‏ and ‏ ‏Hamdan Street ‏ ‏also experienced declines at the 6% mark. For ‏ ‏Al Khalidiyah ‏ ‏prices for 2-bed units went from Dh75k in Q4 2018 to AED 70k in the present quarter. The prices for studios in ‏ ‏Khalifa City A‏ ‏ went from Dh30k to Dh28k. As for ‏ ‏Hamdan Street, 2-bed units went down from Dh75k to Dh70k. ‏

‏Other popular areas such as ‏ ‏Al Reem Island‏ ‏ experienced changes between the 0-5% mark while prices for apartment units in ‏ ‏Airport Street‏ ‏ have remained unchanged. ‏

‏Villa Sales‏

‏When compared to Q4 2018, ‏ ‏Al Reef‏ ‏ continues to gather high interest from investors looking to buy villas in Abu Dhabi. The most significant price changes here are a 6.2% decrease for the 5-bed units from Dh2.27m to Dh2.13m and a 4.6% drop for 3-bed units from Dh1.52m to Dh1.45m. Average sale prices for the 4-bed units remained unchanged at Dh1.98m.‏

‏The sale prices for villas in other popular areas like ‏ ‏Saadiyat Island‏ ‏ and ‏ ‏Yas Island‏ ‏ have also remained stable with only minimal decreases, while 3-bedroom units in‏ ‏ Khalifa City A ‏ ‏have experienced no change and stand at Dh4.3m. ‏

‏Villa Rentals‏

‏Pushing ‏ ‏Khalifa City A‏ ‏ to the second position, ‏ ‏MBZ Cit‏ ‏y has emerged as the more popular choice for renters in Q1. Here the rental prices have experienced decreases within a 3% margin, and are at Dh95k for 3-beds, Dh130k for 4-beds and Dh145k for 5-bed units. ‏

‏Following the trend in Q4 2018, prices for 5-bedroom units in ‏ ‏Al Muroor‏ ‏ went down by 8.3% from Dh120k to Dh110k. In the same area 4-bedroom units also saw a decrease from Dh150k to Dh140k. Other notable price changes include a 7.7% decrease for 3-bedroom villas in‏ ‏ Saadiyat Island ‏ ‏from Dh325k to Dh300k.‏

‏This is followed by declines at the 6% mark for villas in ‏ ‏Al Raha Gardens ‏ ‏and‏ ‏ Khalifa City A. ‏ ‏The 3-bedroom villas in ‏ ‏Al Raha Gardens‏ ‏ dropped from Dh155k to Dh145k now, and 4-bed villas ‏ ‏Khalifa City A ‏ ‏went from Dh160k to Dh150k. ‏

‏As for the villas in Shakhbout City (‏ ‏Khalifa City B)‏ ‏ and ‏ ‏Al Karamah,‏ ‏ they‏ ‏ ‏ ‏have seen no change in prices from Q4 2018.‏

Most Popular Villa Sub Communities

‏For villas sales, ‏ ‏Al Reef Villas‏ ‏ brought in the most searches in ‏ ‏Al Reef ‏ ‏at‏ ‏ ‏ ‏99.8%.‏ ‏ ‏ ‏Potential investors are also leaning towards ‏ ‏Mohamed Bin Zayed Centre ‏ ‏as their first choice for buying villas in ‏ ‏MBZ City‏ ‏ as it accounts for 87.9% of overall interest. ‏

‏For villa rentals, the sub-communities of ‏ ‏Mohamed Bin Zayed Centre‏ ‏ in‏ ‏ MBZ City ‏ ‏and ‏ ‏Villa Compound‏ ‏ in‏ ‏Khalifa City A‏ ‏ are at a tie for the top spot accounting for 74% of searches by tenants. ‏ ‏HIDD Al Saadiyat ‏ ‏in ‏ ‏Saadiyat Island‏ ‏is the next most popular sub-community gathering 55.4% of the searches. ‏

‏Most Popular Off-Plan Projects

‏Yas Island,‏ ‏Saadiyat Island, ‏ ‏Al Reem Island, Al Raha Beach and Al Salam Street ‏ ‏are the top five off-plan communities in Abu Dhabi. ‏

‏Within ‏ ‏Yas Island‏ ‏, the sub-community of ‏ ‏Yas Acres‏ ‏ has attracted the most attention from investors, accounting for 53.1% of the searches. As for ‏ ‏Saadiyat Island‏ ‏, the sub-community of ‏ ‏Park View ‏ ‏brought in 33% of the searches.‏

‏Forecast for Q2 2019‏ – Abu Dhabi

‏Haider Ali Khan, CEO of Bayut, said: “The Abu Dhabi property market has undergone tremendous changes in the last two years, with several high profile off-plan projects being handed over and more luxury properties entering the market, particularly in waterfront communities such as Yas Island and Saadiyat Island. We have also seen a high number of prospective buyers searching for luxury properties in these areas, along with other upscale neighbourhoods such as Al Reem Island.

“Most decreases in the capital have remained modest with changes largely falling within the 5-6% margin. Another interesting trend is the increased popularity for communities such as Khalifa City A, Shakhbout City and Al Ghadeer which are all ideally located for those commuting to Dubai. We can expect these trends to carry on into the summer, and perhaps even see increases when more handovers are completed in the second half of the year. ‏

‏Disclaimer: The above report is based on prices advertised by real estate agencies on behalf of their clients on Bayut.com, and not representative of actual real estate transactions conducted in Abu Dhabi.‏

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