Airport cop revives pregnant mom, helps deliver baby

By Angel Chan

Brig Gen Ibn Lahej honors Hanan who helped in emergency delivery of a baby at Dubai airport

DUBAI 22 April 2019: It was an emergency at the Inspection area of Dubai airport when a woman passenger went into labor. There was not time to transfer her to a place where she could safely deliver her baby under medical supervision.

That is when First Sergeant Hanan Hussein Mohammed, inspector with the General Directorate of Airport Security at Terminal 2, stepped in and helped deliver the baby in the curtained physical inspection room at the security check hall.

The mother, an Indian, and her newborn baby are reported to be fine.

Brigadier General Ali Ateeq bin Lahej, Director General of Airport Security, honoured First Sergeant Hanan for safely delivering the baby.

Hanan said that the health of the passenger was such that it was difficult to transfer her. She was in distress and in danger of losing her life which also put her child at risk. The mother developed breathing difficulties, but Hanan performed CPR. The mother recovered and delivered the child.

The ambulance arrived and took the child and his mother to hospital.

A female delegation form the General Department for Airport Security visited the mother and child in hospital the next day, to check on them, and to provide possible assistance to them.

Dubai Gazette