Beijing circus thrills crowds at Sharjah International Book Fair

Star acts celebrate 35th edition

The ‘Brilliant Art Show’ circus from Beijing, China, performed a stunning mix of acrobatics, juggling and balancing at the 35th edition of the Sharjah International Book Fair (SIBF), as just one of the hundreds of attractions this year’s event.

The family-run circus, who have toured all over the world, produced a series of acts which stopped the book fair crowds in their tracks at the Expo Centre Sharjah. During the half hour show in the main concourse of the venue, the Beijing-based performers treated the audience to an array of traditional circus acts which showed the crowd dexterity, coordination and strength.

Circus director, Yu Jian said: “We have been to many places in the Middle East, but it is wonderful to be in Sharjah. The feedback has been fantastic for us and the performers are delighted that the crowd have been so interactive. They have appreciated our acts, which is always our main goal as entertainers.

Many of the troupe began training when they were less than ten years old and have been performing since they were twelve. “There is an enormous amount of preparation and rehearsal that goes into an act,” Yu Jian continued. “Although sometimes the acrobats may only be on stage for 15 minutes, they have trained for fifteen years to make sure each performance is perfect.”

Although the show is aimed mainly at children, the audience was filled with spectators of all ages.

“When we start different routines have some fun with the crowds, they like to join in with the atmosphere. We produce highly skilled performances and it’s not just the kids who are impressed. The Sharjah International Book Fair is a wonderful event for us and we look forward to coming back to Sharjah in the very near future.”