Brawl in Dubai: Criminals too can sue and put YOU behind bars…

By Eudore R.Chand

DUBAI 18 December 2018: Dubai Police has arrested a group of young men involved in a fight in a public place.

“Dubai Police caught a number of young people involved in a brawl in a public place,” said a statement.

They reacted swiftly as a video of the brawl was posted on social media. The police has warned people of the consequences of posting such videos.

The Director of the Department of Security Information, Col. Faisal Issa Al Qasim, said that Dubai Police arrested those involved in the fight and a group of teenagers, in only five minutes.

Legal action is being taken against the teens. Their parents have been summoned and pledges have been made not to repeat such behaviour, he added.

He emphasized that the portrayal and dissemination of such events on social networking networks is illegal, as it is a violation of the privacy of others.

The media themselves are not allowed to shoot such videos unless they had a licence from the authorities. Apart from that, no person is entitled to shoot even if it was for a noble purpose.

The subject of the video post can sue the photographer even if the victim is a criminal, Co. Issa pointed out.

Dubai Gazette