Briton performs pilgrimage 30 times

He leads group of 200 UK pilgrims

A British pilgrim performed Haj (pilgrimage) 30 times and led a group of UK pilgrims through this Haj season in Saudi Arabia.

Mustapha Mohammad said he is the leader and guide of 200 British pilgrims who came to Saudi Arabia last week to perform Haj along with millions other Muslims.

“I translate for them and guide them through the Haj rituals. I feel proud to pay my duty in helping the pilgrims of my country,” he told Saudi Gazette.

He added that he is happy to be the guide for pilgrims who perform Haj for the first time.

“They are usually so scared about it because it is all new to them. But the happiness on their faces when they complete their pilgrimage is priceless. I gained experience through the many years I performed Haj. I became knowledgeable about my religion and I built a network of people who can help and guide me,” said Mohammad.

He added the kingdom is doing its best to make Haj as easy as possible.

British pilgrim Mohammad Atheem said he has performed Haj 10 times in his life.

“I never faced any issues when performing Haj. First-timers are always nervous but they are happy to complete their Haj smoothly. We never face any harassment when we return from Haj to the United Kingdom. We have full right to practice our religion.”