Global coronavirus deaths cross 1 million mark

Eudore R. Chand

LONDON 30 September 2020: More than 33.26 million people have been reported to be infected by the novel coronavirus globally and 1,000,010​ have died, according to a Reuters tally published on Tuesday.

The United States topped the list with 7,159,114 cases and 205,047 deaths; followed by India with 6,074,702 cases and 95,542 deaths; then Brazil with 4,745,464 cases and 142,058 deaths; and Russia with 1,159,573 cases and 20,385 deaths.

Infections have been reported in more than 210 countries and territories since the first cases were identified in China in December 2019, said Reuters/WAM.

An agonising milestone: UN Secretary-General

With over one million lives having succumbed to COVID-19 globally, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said that while the “agonising milestone” is a “mind-numbing figure”, the world must never lose sight of each and every individual life.

“They were fathers and mothers, wives and husbands, brothers and sisters, friends and colleagues,” he said in a statement on Monday.

The pain has been multiplied by the “savageness” of the disease, the Secretary-General added, noting that the risk of infection kept families from being with their loved ones, and the process of mourning and celebrating a life was often made impossible.

“How do you say goodbye without holding a hand, or extending a gentle kiss, a warm embrace, a final whisper ‘I love you’?”

At the same time, still there is no end in sight to the spread of the virus, the loss of jobs, the disruption of education, the upheaval to our lives, said Guterres.

We can overcome this challenge

“However, we can overcome this challenge,” he urged, underlining the need to “learn from the mistakes”.

“Responsible leadership matters. Science matters. Cooperation matters – and misinformation kills. As the relentless hunt for a vaccine continues – a vaccine that must be available and affordable to all – let’s do our part to save lives,” Guterres added.

“As we remember so many lives lost, let us never forget that our future rests on solidarity – as people united and as united nations.”

New cheaper test: WHO

Meanwhile, a new Covid-19 diagnostic test, which can provide reliable results quickly, at a lower price and with less sophisticated equipment, will help expand capacity to detect cases in low- and middle-income countries, the UN World Health Organisation (WHO), has announced.

Through agreements between WHO and partners, 120 million such tests will be made available to these countries, over a period of six months.

“This will enable the expansion of testing, particularly in hard-to-reach areas that do not have lab facilities or enough trained health workers to carry out PCR tests,” WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said at a media briefing on Monday, adding that it would be “a vital addition” to countries’ testing capacity and is especially important in areas of high transmission.

“The quicker Covid-19 can be diagnosed, the quicker action can be taken to treat and isolate those with the virus and trace their contacts,” said Tedros.

With agreement and seed funding already secured, the need now is the full amount of funds to buy the tests, stressed the WHO Director-General.



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