Dirham 6+% higher than yuan, Indian, Pak rupees

By Angel Chan

ABU DHABI 27 December 2018: The UAE Dirham has appreciated against the currencies of both top 10 non-dollarised import and non-oil export partners by 3.08 per cent and 3.97 per cent respectively during the first nine months of 2018, according to Central Bank of the UAE statistics.

Y-o-Y, the Dirham appreciated as well against the currencies the same partners by 3.8 per cent and 7.11 per cent respectively, said Wam.

On a quarterly basis, the UAE currency appreciated by 3.8 per cent during Q3 2018 against the top 10 non-dollarised import partners, which claim 52.3 per cent of the UAE total imports

  • The highest appreciation was against the Chinese Yuan by 6.7 per cent
  • The UAE currency appreciated against the Indian Rupee by 4.7 per cent
  • 2.17 per cent against the Japanese Yen
  • 2.44 per cent against Euro
  • 4.29 per cent against the GB Pound
  • Singapore dollar by 2.49 per cent and
  • 6.08 per cent against Pakistani rupee

In the meantime, the Dirham depreciated 0.16 against Swiss Franc.

Dubai Gazette