Dramatic sea rescue of tourists off sinking yacht

By Angel Chan

DUBAI 17 February 2019: A group of sailors who helped rescue people of a sinking yacht have been honoured bu Dubai authorities.

Colonel Saeed Salem Saeed, Acting Director of Port Police, honored Sky & Sea staff by giving them Certificates of Appreciation from the Dubai Police General Command for their outstanding role in the rescue of a group of tourists, who were in great danger of drowning.

One of the cruise yachts was on a tour of the sea with a number of tourists on board, when the captain of the 42-foot yacht was notified of a leak and that seawater had begun to flow into the boat.

The boat was in danger of sinking and the people on board of drowning. The captain turned towards the shore and notified the police, but the water was rapidly filling in the boat.

The police sent a rescue vessel, but a private boat of Sky & Sea was nearby and rushed to the sinking yacht and took the people off the boat and brought them safely to port.

Dubai Gazette