Dubai counts 950 accidents during Eid holidays

By DG Staff

Image: Eudore R. Chand

Dubai Police receives 28,000+ calls during Eid Al Adha

DUBAI 15 August 2019: The Dubai Police Command and Control Centre received 28,603 calls from the dawn of the first days of Eid Al Adha to midnight on Tuesday.

It also recorded 950 traffic accidents during the same period.

Colonel Turki bin Fares, Managing Director of the Command and Control Centre, said that the top causes of accidents were speeding, sudden deviation, as well as not leaving enough distance between vehicles.

He called on drivers to be cautious when approaching intersections, and to ensure that the street is free of pedestrians, especially in pedestrian crossing areas and residential neighbourhoods.

Col Turki bin Fares

Colonel bin Fares appealed to the public to contact number 999 only in emergency situations, and to contact number 901 in cases of enquiry about various services provided by Dubai Police, whether criminal or traffic.

He explained that the non-emergency calls received by the number 999 waste of time and effort dedicated to emergency situations that are in need of assistance.

Dubai Gazette