Mo Salah says he wouldn’t swap trophies with Guardiola

By DG Staff

Mohamed Salah on CNN

DUBAI 15 August 2019: Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah considers European Cup the biggest trophy in club football.

Speaking as part of a special three-part interview series, which begins on Connect the World with Becky Anderson from Monday 19th August, Salah refused to be drawn on his future at Liverpool and extending his contract.


Becky Anderson: I want to take you back to that Champions League glory and you lifting that trophy. How was it?

Mo Salah: Honestly it was great. It’s a dream for everyone, the city, the player, to win a Champions League, so something great and something very big. So, everyone was having that moment as special, I was like feeling like a kid dream comes true. So yeah.

Becky Anderson: Pep Guardiola says winning the Champions League is like winning in a casino, bit of a fluke. You know, you need a bit of luck on your side. What do you make of those comments?

Mo Salah: I don’t know. Honestly, I didn’t know that he said that, but I think if you give him a choice to choose which one, he would choose the Champions League. That’s my opinion. I’m not talking about him, but my opinion. It’s the biggest competition in football, so everyone wants to win it. Every coach, every player wants to win it, dream to win it. So of course, the Premier League also is something big, but still the Champions League is the biggest competition.

Becky Anderson: No major signings by Jürgen Klopp in the summer. Is that a problem?

Mo Salah: No, that’s true that we have a good team. So we have a good player, good squad and a big number of players. So that’s it.

Becky Anderson: And your contract?

Mo Salah: What’s my contract?

Becky Anderson: Re-signing?

Mo Salah: I’m happy at Liverpool. And you know, I’m happy in the city. I love the fans, they love me. I’m happy at the club, but it’s too early to talk about it at the moment.

Becky Anderson: So, if there had been a major signing as a sort of one-to-one for you, would that have wound you up more than made you happy in the summer?

Mo Salah: I’m happy now. I’m happy now, so it’s too early to talk about anything else.

Becky Anderson: Game against Chelsea, Wednesday in Istanbul. Nice to get some extra silverware in the cabinet?

Mo Salah: Yeah, I love that games, honestly. Big games and final game. So, they want to win with a new coach and we also want to win it. So, let’s wait until Wednesday.

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