Dubai Marina: Mystery of the ‘orange water’ solved

colour due to harmless construction material: DM

DUBAI 25 June 2017: Dubai Municipality has clarified that the orange colour that appeared yesterday in the man-made water canal in Dubai Marina is due to excavation works related to a construction project at Qarn Al Sabkha, which links the rainwater drainage system to the canal.

It said the discolouration in the water canal poses no threat to marine life or human health. The municipality added that the discolouration has now almost completely disappeared and the water condition is close to normal.

The municipality also said that it has taken all necessary measures to ensure there is no further leakage from the drainage system.

Dubai Municipality further said that it has collected water samples and analysed them to identify the reason for the contamination of the water and the change in the colour. It stressed that it follows a clear protocol to deal with such emergency situations.

The municipality said in a statement that initial investigation showed that the change in the colour is due to Bentonite, which reached the water canal through the water drainage system. Bentonite is generally used in excavation works as drilling mud, a binder and a barrier to groundwater.

The municipality also said that chemically Bentonite is composed of absorbent aluminium phyllosilicate and water. Bentonite powder comes in different colours.

The municipality said that it has put in place clear safety procedures to tackle any challenges to the environment efficiently and safely. It also has plans and processes in place to protect the health of people and preserve the environment.

By Sheena Amos