Dubai Police gets ready to fight ‘3D Print’ crime

By Angel Chan

2 officers get Master’s in ‘Combating 3D-Printing Crimes’

DUBAI 15 January 2019: Two local engineering officers at Dubai Police have obtained internationally recognized Masters in the field of combating 3D-printing crimes.

Dr Major General Ahmed Eid Al Mansouri, Director of the General Department of Forensics and Criminology at Dubai Police, praised the officers for being the first law enforcement personnel to obtain such unique specialization that adds to the force’s efforts in foreseeing the future of policing.

Maj Gen Al Mansouri, added that Dubai Police had granted the two a scholarship in the United Kingdom.

2nd Lieutenant Mohammed Khaled Abdul Rahim, wrote his masters’ thesis on the topic “3D Printed Weapons”, including how to support Dubai Police in combating related crimes through providing solid material evidence, and how to use x-rays in detecting type of weapon, as well as facing the future challenges of 3D printed weapons.

2nd Lieutenant Ahmed Mohammed Al Kendi, carried out his masters’ thesis on “Fingerprint Scanners”, including the possibility of exploiting fingerprints for illegal activities such as forging people’s fingerprints. The masters’ thesis also covered ways of combating related crimes through providing physical evidence to judicial and police bodies.

Dubai Gazette