Dangerous Night Mission: 7 rescued from capsized ship

By Angel Chan

DUBAI 27 November 2018: In spite of bad weather conditions, high waves and total darkness, teams of Dubai Marine Rescue and the Port Police Station, managed to carry out a successful mission rescuing seven sailors.

Two of the sailors had fallen into the sea after their ship had grounded and capsized at the Waterfront area of Deira Island.

Colonel Saeed Al Madhani, Acting Director of the Port Police Station, said the Maritime Rescue Team dealt with high professionalism with the incident from the moment they received the call for help and they were keen to save the lives of the sailors in spite of extreme weather conditions, high waves and poor visibility and the difficulty of locating their ship, said Wam.

“Although it wasn’t equipped with advanced GPS systems, rescue teams were able to locate the ship and rescued five crew members, and they were also able to rescue another after he had been pulled away by strong waves.

Meanwhile, they rescued the remaining crew member with a broken leg of the nearby breakwater area,” Colonel Al Madhani added.

He also reminded the public to call 901 for general inquires and dial 999 number in cases of true emergency only.

Dubai Gazette