Dubai Taxi launches Digital Kiosk in cabs

Angel Chan

DUBAI 30 December 2017: The Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) at the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has launched the Digital Kiosk intended to facilitate the processing of transactions and services offered to taxi drivers. It also avails them access to efficient and speedy services through using smart technologies that nurture an advanced and interactive business environment.

“The Digital Kiosk is operated through a smart app on smartphones. It enables the taxi driver to apply for leave, salary certificate, insurance details, test results, and Dubai map in addition to reporting a traffic accident and other applications related to travel or driving license,” said Ammar Al Buraiki, Director of Resources and Support, DTC. The applications can be retrieved from the Digital Kiosk in the Head Office of the DTC. The app has an early distress call feature linking the cab driver with the Control Center during emergencies and crises, and enabling the positioning of the vehicle in order to deliver the required assistance,” he continued.

“The launch of the Digital Kiosk is part of the efforts in support of the Smart City initiative of our government to rank Dubai as the smartest and happiest city worldwide and replicates RTA’s first strategic goal (Smart Dubai).

The DTC assigns paramount importance to drivers and makes every effort to recognise and reward their excellent efforts. It also develops plans and attends to improving the current affairs to cater to the needs and expectations of employees and clients through applying the highest standards and latest technologies.

“This initiative heralds a quantum shift in boosting the excellent services of the DTC which is making significant advances and achievements in the use of information technology. It is always in pursuit of creative techniques in delivering smart services and enhancing the digital transformation,” added Al Buraiki.