Dubai ‘zero traffic fine’ scheme for another year

By Eudore R. Chand

Extended for another year…
Half a Million Motorists benefit from Dubai Police “Traffic Fines Settlement” Initiative

DUBAI 25 February 2019: With 557,430 beneficiaries last year, Dubai Police has confirmed extending the ‘Traffic Fines Settlement’ initiative for a second year, beginning 6th of February.

Colonel Juma Salim Bin Suwaidan, Deputy Director of the Traffic Department at Dubai Police, said women beneficiaries (444,661) outnumbered men beneficiaries (114,769) four times.

He said almost Dh547 million (Dh546,970,930) was saved by the motorists who availed of the initiative.

“The Traffic Fines Settlement initiative was launched in 2019 by the Dubai Police in line with the Year of Tolerance. It contributed to reducing costs related to traffic accidents by Dh610,427,468. It also contributed to preventing fatal traffic accidents by 16 per cent and saw a 38 per cent drop in the rate of severe injuries on roads,” Col. Bin Suwaidan said.

The Deputy Director of the Traffic Department added that the results reflect the commitment of motorist to traffic laws and road safety. He pointed out that the initiative as the first of its kind in the world has several social, traffic, security and humanitarian goals, including maintaining road security and safety as well as reducing the financial burdens on nonrepeat traffic violator’s.

“The Traffic Fines Settlement initiative contributed to reducing accidencts resulting in serious injuries, as well as has encouraged all motorists to abide by traffic laws and regulations and has created a traffic safety culture among road users,” said head of case management section at Rashid Hospital.

Traffic Fines Settlement initiative

On February 7, 2019, the Dubai Police launched the first-of-its-type initiative, according to which:

  • Motorists who did not commit any violations for three months could get a 25 per cent discount on their fines
  • No violations for six months would entitle them to a 50 per cent discount
  • Driving safely for nine months and meant a 75 per cent discount
  • And 100 per cent discount for not committing any violations in a year


February 6 last day to get all Dubai traffic fines waived


Dubai Gazette