February 6 last day to get all Dubai traffic fines waived

By Eudore R. Chand

DUBAI 5 February 2019: Dubai Police yesterday urged all UAE residents with Dubai traffic fines to avail of the opportunity to get 100% of their fines waived under the scheme that began a year ago.

Only one day left for the Traffic Fines Settlement initiative. Earn rewards for safe driving and get up to 100% off on accumulated fines received before February 7, 2019, said Dubai Police.

On February 6 last year, Dubai Police announced a scheme to wipe out 25 per cent of an individual’s traffic fines every quarter if she or he did not have any violations.

The initiative covers all types of traffic violations committed in the Emirate of Dubai.

Traffic fines will be deducted at specific rates if a driver does not commit any violations in the period:

No violation for three months – fines will be reduced by 25%
No violation for six months – fines will be reduced by 50%
No violation for nine months – fines will be reduced by 75%
No violation for 12 months – fines will be reduced by 100%.


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