EUROSTAR group and Italian major quantum eye KSA’s smart energy market for expansion

QESCO, the joint venture between EUROSTAR and Quantum, aims to help businesses in KSA to implement eco-sustainable and socially responsible practices by reducing energy consumption

With a steadily growing demand for energy consumption in the Kingdom, the country has been making a national effort to enhance efficiency and eco-sustainability. In line with this mission of the government, QESCO (Quantum Eurostar Energy Solutions Company), a one-stop-shop destination for energy efficient solutions, is eyeing KSA to introduce its leading Smart technologies.

A joint venture company between the leading business conglomerate, EUROSTAR Group and Italian technology major Quantum, QESCO showcased its leading energy efficient solutions at the RetrofitTech KSA 2016, the region’s largest event for the retrofitting and refurbishment industry.

QESCO is a leading Smart Solutions provider that aims to leverage on its in-depth industry know-how, proven technologies and experience in energy conservation measures to offer optimal energy saving for its clients. Backed by a strong team of experts in energy solutions and management from Italy, the company offers specific focus on designing intelligent lighting systems with lesser internet-controlled luminaries.

Commenting on their Smart Solutions, Mr. Stefano Martini, Managing Director of QESCO, said, “Saudi Arabia is an important market for us as the country is laying emphasis on energy saving, and has opened up avenues for the market in this sector to grow. Electrical energy consumption in the country has been on a steep rise in the recent years owing largely due to the heavy reliance on air conditioning. We understand that the Government is keen to explore more efficient sources of energy and adopt effective and sustainable practices, thereby enhance the environmental and health standards in the region. QESCO is equipped to transform energy efficiency with its innovative approach to offer 100 per cent saving in energy and costs,” he added.”

According to RetrofitTech, an estimated 73% of the electric energy generated in Saudi Arabia is used for operating buildings and 65% of this energy is consumed by air conditioning. Peak loads are expected to approach 60GW by 2023 and the total investment needed to meet this demand may exceed $90 billion.

Mr. Raju Jethwani Group Chairman, EUROSTAR Group, said, “Our aim in setting up     QESCO is to help our customers reduce their energy consumption and develop eco-conscious and socially responsible businesses. This is extremely relevant at a time when energy consumption is at its highest. QESCO will transform legacy lighting system into a new revenue generation technology, achieving energy saving performances between 60 and 70 per cent and exceeding 20 to 30 per cent above the best-in-class performance of any competitor. QESCO requires no upfront investment to implement the new technology and offers about 10 years’ warranty on the products and system. This is a win-win solution as the savings are used to pay back our investment and services,” he added.

Detailing the non-requirement of the upfront investment, Mr. Jethwani said, “The new lighting system and its saving performances are contractually guaranteed and managed by QESCO for 10 years. The customer commits to pay back QESCO for the investment and the service with the savings achieved over the first three to six years. However, the duration depends on project size, lights on time and customer’s energy cost. During the remaining years of the system’s management by QESCO, the savings are shared and the largest amount goes to the customer. Online monitoring and control software is used to transparently share the saving results with our customers.”

QESCO’s smart lighting platform QLight manages the lighting dynamics by dimming in real-time the light intensity. This system works according to natural sunlight contribution and custom software applications tailored on the customer’s specific operational needs. We have delivered more than 400 projects in different business sectors — including commercial and residential properties, industrial facilities like factories and processing plants, warehouses, petrol stations, parking and street lighting projects.

Quantum’s Energy Analytics and Reporting Platform enables its customers’ global supervision and multi-site energy data collection. The platform will analyze and compare the energy efficiency of the new system with legacy one; and measure the incremental saving introduced by the Quantum technologies of dynamic light dimming.

The platform also has an all-in-one console data supervision to understand the energy profiles of different geographically located sites. This also ensures unified alerting for all sites, and the energy consumption data is available online. The platform’s service level agreement ensures high availability standards while the cloud system architecture delivers real time data and a responsive environment on virtually any mobile device.

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