Explosives found hidden in sugar and rice bags

By Rajive Singh

Houthis target Yemeni civilians

HODEIDAH, Yemen 9 December 2018: Houthi militias continue to cause damage to the infrastructure and services in Yemen by setting-up booby traps in schools and planting improvised explosive devices and mines in food cans and bags, as part of their destructive strategies to achieve maximum loss of life.

In this regard, the Al Sharaf School in Hodeidah has been transformed into a military barracks following its destruction.

Houthis also planted mines and explosive devices in sugar and rice bags, as well as fire extinguishers, in order to reach the homes of Yemeni citizens, public roads and government buildings in the city of Hodeidah. The attacks are in retaliation against locals who rejected their terrorist practices, said Wam.

The Yemeni resistance forces were able to dismantle a network of mines and explosive devices in classrooms inside the school which were planted by the militia to fulfill their agenda of depriving students from completing their education and forcibly recruit them as child soldiers instead.

Additionally, engineering teams from the Arab Coalition forces are working to clear mines and other explosive devices planted in public roads and civilian areas.

The resistance forces also cleared vast areas inside the Red Sea mill from mines and IEDs planted to destroy the company’s flour and grain production.

More than 4.5 million children have been deprived of education after Houthis caused the destruction of 2,372 schools, turning more than 1,500 into military barracks, since the coup began.

Dubai Gazette