Mideast First: Dubai’s all-women marine police team

By Sheena Amos

DUBAI 9 December 2018: Dubai Police has¬†announced the launch of the Middle East’s first-ever all-women marine team.

Their task is to patrol the waters off Dubai and support and enhance maritime security and provide safety and privacy for events that are held near the shores of the Emirate of Dubai.

The women marine police team is represented by the port police in cooperation with the Women ‘s Police Board.

Colonel Saeed Al Madhani, Acting Director of the Port Police Department, stressed the keenness of Dubai Police General Command to involve women in all policing tasks and to allow them to carry out all difficult tasks together with men.

The team consists of 11 Emirati girls who underwent a three-month training course. The team has a development plan to train girls to become supervisors and trainers in the future, with the aims also of doubling the number of members of the team in the coming years.

Captain Ateeqa Al Dhaheri, a member of the Women’s Police Council, who oversaw the women’s team, explained that 30 girls were nominated for programmes and that 11 of them were trained.

The course included a number of programmes, including swimming, marine safety, first aid, marine boat driving, marine patrol personnel procedures, use of tetra devices, as well as a cycling course.

Captain Al Dhaheri said that she dreams of connecting the women’s team to the global team, spreading the idea to all emirates of the state and opening the way for them to participate in international sports.

Dubai Gazette