Falcons now back in Sir Bani Yas skies

As temperatures drop and humidity decreases, Anantara Sir Bani Yas Island guests again have the chance to enjoy the truly indigenous experience of falconry. Whilst they are introduced to the heritage of falconry and learn as well how falconers teach their falcons to be their loyal companions, guests can discover everything about this ancient tradition of the UAE with Anantara from mid-October until April 2017.

Falconry forms an integral part of desert life and has been practiced in the UAE for centuries. Originally, falcons were used for hunting to supplement the Bedouin diet with some meat. The Arab region was one of the first to practice falconry, when Al Harith bin Mu’awiya, an early King of Saudi Arabia started to train and hunt falcons several millennia before BC. Today, falconry is predominantly practiced as a popular sport in the region. While the beauty and the power of the falcon remains highly valued, the skill of the falconer is also of great esteem.

During Anantara’s falcon show, guests get to experience the majestic and skillful flight of a falcon up close. They can witness this amazing predator flying at a speed of almost 360 kilometres per hour, before tasting traditional Arabic coffee and island dates in company of family and friends. The beauty of the powerful birds spreading their wings and fly, complemented by the view of the island’s sunrise or sunset invites to create unique memories. As the show ceases, guests are invited to hold the falcons and take pictures with them. A morning or afternoon spent at Anantara’s falcon show is an exciting and truly unique family experience.

Anantara’s falcon show commences from mid-October and is available two times a day for all Anantara Sir Bani Yas Island guests. The show is priced at Dh250 for adults and Dh150 for children.