Fastfood worker caught on camera saying he spits on food

He and two other workers were sacked

At least three employees are said to have been fired from a US fast-food restaurant after a Facebook Live video showed them joking about having sex and spitting in food.

The workers at the restaurant in Philadelphia also discussed how floors were mopped with burger buns and how employees smoked in the kitchen.

Richard Benson, who claims he is a comedian and a hip-hop artist, said he posted the video as a publicity stunt.

Benson appears in uniform throughout the majority of the 44 minute video and claims that the employees didn’t actually do any of the things mentioned in the clip.

He said he deleted the video after posting it live on social media , but the footage had already been recorded by viewers.

During the clip, Benson claims he blows his nose with a pair of gloves before using them to prepare burgers as well as washing the floor with buns.

He also says that co-workers have sex with customers at the restaurant and he is also seen lighting up a cigarette in the kitchen.

But Benson told NBC 10 : “I be doing little publicity stunts. There wasn’t anything going on that I was saying but I was saying it because I knew it would draw attention.”

The Checkers restaurant in Philadelphia is now said to be investigating the claims made in the video.

A Checkers spokesman told NBC 10: “The behaviour of these employees does not meet our high standards for food preparation and guest service, and does not represent the thousands of Checkers employees who do an outstanding job every day.

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“As soon as we became aware of the post, we immediately contacted the franchisee, who proactively closed the restaurant late last night.

“The employees involved will be terminated, the restaurant will be fully sanitised and re-inspected before it reopens and all of the team members will be fully retrained.”