Filipino dance act brings a taste of the Philippines

By Rajive Singh

ABU DHABI 19 January 2019: Football fans from across Asia were delighted to find themselves witnessing an amazing Filipino dance act at the AFC Asian Cup Abu Dhabi fan zone as the cross-cultural activity and entertainment continues in support of the tournament’s theme ‘Bringing Asia Together’.

Boasting one of the largest non-Emirati communities in the UAE, over twenty Filipino’s from Bayanihan Council, came together to perform a variety of traditional and ancient dances, which filled the fan zone in Abu Dhabi with energy, exuberance and colour as the tournament played out on giant screens in the background.

Speaking after the show, the chairman of Bayanihan Council, Elmer O. Casao said: “Our dancing style is all about reflecting Filipino culture. It represents the traditions and heritage from each of the provinces across the country and tells an ancient story that has been passed down the generations for over 100 years.”

“We were invited to the fan zone to share our culture with different nationalities. This tournament is all about bringing different aspects of Asian culture together for one huge celebration, so it is fantastic to play our part.

“To bring our culture here, while trying to unite Filipinos to support the Azkals is a wonderful opportunity so naturally, we are proud to do our part for the competition and for our national team.”

Dubai Gazette