Five pretended CID and attacked three in their flat

Five pretended CID got forcibly into a flat, confined three residents in the toilet, robbed their belongings, soaked the flat with water before running away, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.
On June 28 at around 6pm, RB, 30, Bangladeshi cook, SD, 27, Indian salesman and SK, 27, Indian visitor were in their flat at Discovery Gardens when they heard a knock at the door.

“As I was sitting close to the door, I opened door slightly to look who was behind. One of the men pushed the door and got into the flat saying CIID holding a wireless in his hand. Because of the push, I fell down… other two got behind him. They asked me to stay kneeling on the floor. The ‘wireless’ man, slapped my friend who was sitting on a sofa and forced him to kneel on the floor next to me.

The attackers also pulled out the cook RB from the kitchen and forced to kneel as well. One of the attackers tightened the victims’ hands to their backs and ordered them to get into the toilet where they were confined.

“After about half an hour we did not hear any sound in the flat. As we were sure that they have left, we managed to release ourselves, got out from the toilet and called the police.
We were shocked to find the flat was soaked with water and in a big mess. We discovered that our money and mobile phone were stolen,” testified the cook.

The attackers stole a total of Dh7,500 in cash, 8 mobile phones and two computers from us,” testified the salesman.

Reviewing CCTV footage police identified three of the attackers, KI, 31, AM, 28, jobless Iranians and MM, 49, Emirati employee.

Police arrested the three accused and found in AM’s house the victim’s belongings in addition to other attacking tools hidden in a bag under the bed.

Police reached to the other two attackers who were Bangladeshis, jobless, SK, 22, and driver, AH, 41.

All Accused except for the Emirati admitted to the crime.
However, the victim recognised the Emirati who was the ‘wireless’ man.
The court will reconvene on November 17.