Fuel load at Barakh Nuclear Energy Plant begins

By DG Staff

Barakh Nuclear Plant

AL DHAFRA 20 February 2020: Nawah Energy Company has commenced loading the first nuclear fuel assemblies at Unit 1 of Barakah Nuclear Energy Plant as the initial step in the process towards safely and gradually commencing operations and subsequent generation of clean electricity.

The move follows the company receiving the operating licence for Unit 1 from the Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation, FANR.

The Operating Licence, approved by the FANR Board of Directors on 16th February 2020, follows a series of thorough assessments and rigorous independent reviews of Nawah’s operational readiness. The license authorises Nawah to operate Unit 1 of the Barakah Plant for a duration of 60 years, said Wam.

“Receiving the operating license for Unit 1 of the Barakah Nuclear Energy Plant is a significant milestone for Nawah Energy Company as it becomes the latest operator to join the global nuclear community,” said Mark Reddemann, Nawah Chief Executive Officer. “We are proud to have demonstrated that Nawah meets rigorous Federal requirements, as well as robust international standards for nuclear safety and quality. We are committed to meeting these standards throughout the start-up process and the lifespan of the plant.”

“Our teams are trained, certified and ready to safely commence the testing and start-up processes for Unit 1 working in full adherence to FANR regulations, as well as industry best practices as set forth by the World Association of Nuclear Operators,” he added.

Tests First

Once the fuel assemblies are loaded, Nawah will run a series of tests, prior to commencing the start-up sequence process known as Power Ascension Testing, PAT, where operators will safely and steadily raise the power generation levels. During this process, which will be safety led, the unit will be synchronised to the grid, and the first megawatts of electricity will be dispatched. Following the successful completion of these tests, Unit 1 will begin commercial operations.

Nawah is a subsidiary of the Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation, ENEC, responsible for operating and maintaining the Barakah Nuclear Energy Plant The Barakah Nuclear Energy Plant is the cornerstone of the UAE Peaceful Nuclear Energy Programme, which adheres to the highest international standards of safety, security, quality, transparency and non-proliferation.

Through its role as the operator of the Barakah Nuclear Energy Plant, Nawah is committed to ensuring the Barakah plant is operated in line with all regulatory requirements and in full cooperation and collaboration with all relevant local, regional and international stakeholders.

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