Get behind the rhino scenes at Al Ain Zoo

By DG Staff

AL AIN 14 February 2020: In a unique atmosphere coinciding with sun sets, Al Ain Zoo is offering behind-the-scenes with rhinos and giraffes, on one of the special tours that are rarely available to visitors, providing a vivid example of African wildlife with its plant and animal diversity.

Naser Al Mansoori, Senior Officer Safari, said, “This is one of the more rare experiences provided by zoos as it gives visitors the opportunity to see the animals’ life with all its authenticity and privacy as they make their way home after a long day of wandering around and enjoying their lives with the wildlife found throughout the African Safari.”

Al Mansoori explained, “This new feature comes in pursuit of the efforts made by Al Ain Zoo to enrich and diversify the experiences presented to visitors. Visiting the rhinos and giraffes in this way is one of the most intriguing and enjoyable experiences you can have, because it gives the visitor an opportunity to get really acquainted with these animals, in addition to learning about the Zoo’s determination to protect them from extinction, employing the best international practices in this field.”

The tour lasts for around seventy minutes, during which the animals transition from the Safari area to their rest rooms takes place. Al Ain Zoo is using latest means of transportation, especially equipped for safari experiences, said Wam.

Dubai Gazette