Haj pilgrims stone Jamrat Al Aqabah in Mina

By DG Staff

MINA 12 August 2019: Since the dawn of the first day of Eid Al Adha, masses of Haj pilgrims began the ritual of throwing pebbles at Mina holy site by throwing seven consecutive pebbles at a special stone monument called “Jamrat Al-Aqabah”.

The movement of pilgrims was smooth as per the pre-prepared plan, the Saudi Press Agency and Wam reported on Sunday.

Pilgrims moved with convenience and ease in the four floors of the giant facility of Jamarat in a secured environment with foolproof security, health services, ambulance and civil defence services. Security men organised the movement of pilgrims in the courtyards of Jamarat Bridge and through the entrances and exits.

Around 2.49 million pilgrims have arrived in the Kingdom, including about 1.86 million pilgrims from outside the Kingdom and 634,379 domestic pilgrims of whom 67 percent are non-Saudis, according to the Saudi General Authority for Statistics, GAS.

The number of pilgrims this year, 1440 AH, increased by 117,731, compared to last year, 1439 AH, that witnessed the arrival of around 2.37 million pilgrims, the SPA quoted the GAS as saying.

Dubai Gazette