Man gets life in jail for planting marijuana at home

By Eudore R. Chand

ABU DHABI 22 November 2017: A man’s death penalty for planting marijuana at home for abuse and sale has been reduced to a life sentence by the Abu Dhabi Court of Appeal. His accomplice was also awarded a life sentence.

The convict planted marijuana seeds inside his residence and used special equipment and techniques to vreate the right environment for its growth. He was tracked and finally arrested when in possession of drugs, said Arabic daily Al Bayan.

The accused initially denied the charge of trafficking in narcotic substances, explaining that the seized materials were for personal use and use. The Abu Dhabi Criminal Court sentenced the accused to death and ordered the confiscation and destruction of the drugs.

An appeal was filed in the appellate court and the Court of Appeal of Abu Dhabi ruled that the appeals were accepted and the court sentenced the appellant to life imprisonment for all the charges.