Many countries join UAE tanker sabotage inquiry

By Rajive Singh

Fujairah Port

ABU DHABI 23 May 2019: The United Arab Emirates welcomes the many international partners that have joined – and have requested to join – the international investigation on the recent sabotage operations off Fujairah.

Four tankers that carried Emirati, Saudi, and Norwegian flags, were sabotaged in UAE regional waters in the Gulf of Oman last week.

The UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation issued a statement stressing, “the participation of our international partners confirms the UAE’s commitment to a transparent and impartial investigative process”.

The joint investigation is a testament of the international community’s collective commitment to ensuring maritime traffic safety and security, protecting international trade flows, and safeguarding energy supplies, said Wam.

With the participation of UAE’s international partners, the investigation is still underway and will be allowed to run its full course and take the necessary time.


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