Migratory birds making Dubai Safari their home

By Sheena Amos

DUBAI 19 December 2017: Dubai Safari, which opened its doors to the public last week, is not only home to the wildlife of the world for conservation breeding, but it has also started receiving migratory birds and some local UAE birds.

The conservation team at Dubai Safari has recorded nearly 80 species of birds, 70 per cent of which are migratory and the rest native, either breeding within the Safari grounds or its surrounding areas.

Most recent arrivals are four sub-adult Greater Flamingoes, which have migrated to the UAE with a small population, breeding on islands in Abu Dhabi. The migratory birds come from northern Iran and parts of Central Asia.

The safari conservation team, headed by Dr. Reza Khan, Principal Wildlife Specialist at Dubai Safari, is responsible for recording the plants that are growing naturally in the safari and whether the animals visiting the safari are in transit or becoming permanent residents.

“A recording of some 80 species of birds and nearly 35 species of plants from the safari are proving that Dubai Safari is the future for many new bird species getting their suitable transit homes for the migratory species and permanent homes for the local ones. Dubai Safari is paying a kind of dividend to the Emirati people by becoming an attractive site for birds and other animals as well as some local and exotic plants,” said Dr. Khan.