New coolers, benches for Shahama parks

By DG Staff

ABU DHABI 19 June 2020: Abu Dhabi City Municipality (ADM), through Shahama Municipality Centre, announced that it has fixed benches, water coolers and wastebaskets in several parks and gardens within the geographical scope of the centre in Al Rahba, Al Bahia, Shahama, Al Samha, and Yas Park.

The move aims to provide a recreational environment suitable for visitors to parks and gardens and meeting their needs, enhancing the quality of infrastructure facilities and assets with modern services and keeping the cultural appearance of Abu Dhabi parks and gardens.

The works included installing several benches, tables and wastebaskets in Al Rahba, Al Bahia and Shahama gardens, where ten tables with wooden chairs and metal legs were installed (four chairs with each table) in Al Rahba and Shahama 3 parks, along with installing 21 wastebaskets in Al Bahia garden, said Wam.

In addition, 18 seats were fixed, and 20 wastebaskets were provided in Yas Island. Twenty water coolers were installed and distributed on the gardens of Al Rahba, Al Bahia, Shahama 1, Shahama 2, Shahama 3, and Al Samha gardens.

The coolers are characterised by an elegant heritage style and compliance with the specifications approved by Abu Dhabi City Municipality.

Dubai Gazette