Pedestrians urged to respect road safety rules

Eudore R. Chand

ABU DHABI 24 October 2020: As part of the road safety campaign, the Abu Dhabi Police (ADP), urged pedestrians to respect road safety rules by only crossing at allocated places, as well as use bridges and tunnels and follow pedestrian light signals at crossroads that operate in conjunction with traffic lights.

The ADP also warned about the risks posed by crossing roads at random locations, which is one of the main causes of traffic accidents while urging pedestrians to use the correct road crossings and ensure that no vehicles are passing.

The ADP stressed that the safety of pedestrians is one of its key strategic priorities while highlighting its ongoing efforts to promote traffic and pedestrian safety, which have led to the construction of many bridges on internal and external roads, the upgrading of pedestrians crossings, and the construction of walkways with signals, as well as the installation of safety fences, said Wam

Drivers have been urged to pay attention to pedestrians and reduce speed, stressing that road safety is a joint responsibility between pedestrians and drivers.



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