Princess asks bodyguard to kill decorator

Says he took pictures of her home

A Saudi princess has left Paris amid allegations she ordered her bodyguard to murder a man who was decorating her apartment, a French magazine reported on Wednesday.

The 42-year-old princess, allegedly told her security guard the 53-year-old worker didn’t deserve to live and he should ‘kill this dog’.

The armed bodyguard was said to have assaulted the man, tied his wrists and then held him hostage for four hours at her home in Avenue Foch, Le Point magazine said.

The decorator was eventually allowed to leave after he kissed the princess’ feet, according to the allegations.

On Saturday the bodyguard appeared in court after being arrested on several charges, including kidnapping.

He said the princess was there when the alleged incident happened.

But the princess, who claimed diplomatic immunity, denied she did anything wrong after leaving the country.

She was said to have been annoyed after the man had apparently taken photos but authorities pointed out painters and decorators usually took images of their work.

The alleged victim has reportedly asked to be paid his fee of €20,000 (£17,500).

Saudi Arabia’s embassy in Paris has so far refused to comment.