How you can be an ‘honorary policeman’ in Dubai

By Sheena Amos

Be part of the ‘We’re All Police’ programme

DUBAI 28 December 2018: Some Dubai residents and nationals were recognised by Major General Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri, Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police. Why?

Because they helped make Dubai roads safer with the civic duty and sense.

Al Marri praised Aisha Khamis, Mohammed Ali Al Malki, Abdul Razzaq Yousif, Tatiana Arbova, Ahmed Al Mansouri, Khalifa Matar Abdullah and Karana Maria Al Zabith, as examples of cooperation with the police.

He said the General Directorate of Traffic depends on members of the community to monitor disobeying of traffic rules and reckless driving, which exposes the drivers and other people to risk.

Residents can contact directly on the number (901) and report the offence.

Brig Saif Muhair Al Mazrouei said that a violation is not recorded from receiving a telephone call from the complainant or the caller. The person is contacted and informed of the violation and made sure that he was in the street at the time of the complaint. The offense is then recorded against him.

The programme is seen as a step towards reducing traffic violations. Dubai Police called on community members to participate in the program “We’re all Police”.

Dubai Gazette