Rich [?] thief throws away two phones as they were… old

was found suspiciously roaming around

DUBAI 8 July 2017: A Chinese thief threw away two mobile phones he stole from a villa because they were old, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

JS, 42, who resides in Karama, targeted villas in Al Safa area during Christmas and the New Year as many would travel to celebrate the holidays with their families.

JM, 63, Irish electronic engineer returned to the country on January 5. “I was shocked that my house was robbed and kitchen window and door locks were broken. A bracelet of Dh5,800 value and two mobile phones worth Dh100 each were stolen,” the electronic engineer told the police.

Police put the area under intensive surveillance.

“On January 23, we suspected a Chinese who was roaming around the area. We stopped the suspect and on searching him we found different currencies and a torch,” testified First Corporal Husain Murad.

The suspect was taken to the investigation department where he admitted to robbing villa No. 4.

“At around 1.30am, I headed to Al Safa and roamed around looking for an unlit villa whose residents were not in. I found villa No. 4 and so climbed the fence and broke the kitchen window and then broke locks of the hall and the bedroom in the upper floor,” JS, told investigators.

He admitted to stealing Dh5,000 and two mobile phones.

He told investigators that he threw in a garbage bin the two mobile phones because they were old while he exchanged some of the cash for US dollars.

Searching his residence police confiscated stolen items from other complaints.

JS is being prosecuted in other two theft cases.

The court will reconvene on August 1.

By Lolyana Zaki