Sculptures made of 1 million Lego bricks on display

By DG Staff

SHARJAH 22 January 2020: Stunning Lego replicas of planes and ships have left visitors to the Travelling Bricks exhibition in Sharjah marvelling at the ingenuity and workmanship that have gone behind making these awe-inspiring pieces of art.

Inaugurated on Monday at Al Majaz Waterfront, near Al Rawi Café, Travelling Bricks is a one-of-its-kind exhibition of 88 models of various objects entirely made of nearly 1 million Lego bricks. The ticketed event is open to public until March 1, every day from 4-10 pm.

Sculptural wonders include a Boeing 747 and a 7-metre Lego replica of the Titanic.

The exhibition is interactive, offering visitors a deeper insight into the artist’s creative process as well as unique stories on the making of the models and the exhibition. Interesting activities being organised on the side-lines will offer visitors an opportunity to build their own Lego creations.

Marwa Obaid Al Shamsi, General Manager of Al Majaz Waterfront, said: “Visitors to ‘Travelling Bricks’ are going to be awestruck. We are always looking for ways to engage residents and tourists in new, imaginative ways by using Al Majaz Waterfront as a platform to showcase art, culture and creativity from around the world. In this exhibition, visitors will not only be amazed at the grandeur and complexity of these stunning Lego creations representing real-life models, they can also work together with a team of experts and build their own! Through this unique event, we want our visitors to discover that at heart, we are all engineers and innovators, no matter our age, gender, or background.”

The exhibition also features a series of age-appropriate workshops for schoolchildren aged 7 to 16 years old, on robotics, coding and drone piloting – bringing together the educational and the creative sides, for young visitors to learn and enjoy at the same time.