Seven including visitors formed theft gang

Seven Sri Lankans, some of who were visitors, formed a theft gang and brugalirsed villas in absence of their residents. In a recent crime, they stole from a villa jewellery and precious watches, electronics and perfumes worth Dh430,000.

FK, 33 worker, managed to issue visit visa to his compatriots NS, 33, AI, 30, DS, 27 and fugitive NB.
ZA, 48, jobless provided accommodation to the visitors and with BF, 36, cleaning worker, the gang robbed villas.
While Egyptian, AM, 45, was out of the country, the gang spotted his villa at Al Mizher area and decided to burglarise it

“At around 10.30pm, the jobless, ZA, rented a car and dropped us at the villa. I stayed outside to observe the area while those on visit climbed the fence and broke into the villa,” admitted cleaning worker, BF.

After 30, minutes, the gang got out of the villa holding their hunt of 5 Rolex watches of Dh250,000 value, jewellery of Dh90,000, handbags Dh50,000, perfumes Dh24,000, mobile phones and tablets Dh16,000, wrapped in a pillow cover.

On July 9, the Egyptian returned to the country and was shocked to find out that his residence was burglarised.

“The room where I was keeping my precious items was locked. The lock was broken and the room was in a big mess. Some of the items were in drawers and the wardrobe” AM, told the police.

Police investigated the complaint and on July 17, the jobless and the cleaning worker were arrested in Sharjah.

When confronted with the theft, the two admitted to committing it as well as other thefts.

They detailed how they formed the gang with the help of the worker who issued visas to compatriots.

They also admitted that the belongings their compatriot NB who planned for the theft, fled the country with the belongings of the Egyptian

Police arrested the other four accomplices.

The court will give sentence on December 6.

Dubai Gazette