‘Smart’ police cameras deployed in Dubai [video]

They can detect speeding, red light jumping and sudden lane change

Dubai Police deployed smart new cameras on key junctions in the city capable of detecting speeding, red light jumping, sudden lane change and reckless driving on roads, a newspaper reported on Thursday.

Emarat Alyoum quoted Dubai traffic police chief Brigadier Saif Al Mazroui as saying 28 such cameras have been installed on main junctions and more would be deployed.

He said the cameras had already hunted many speedsters and reckless drivers on roads inside the city and some of the drivers were found to have aggressively changed lanes just for showing off.

“This sophisticated new camera can shoot videos for 10 seconds and can detect violations at a distance,” he said.

He said the new cameras are also more effective in hunting red light jumping and in detecting drivers responsible for road accidents resulting from sudden lane change.

“We have asked the manufacturers of the existing cameras to develop them so they can detect and monitor drivers before entering the junction box,” he added.