Indian sponsor unaware as maids steal Dh13K gold

By Eudore R.Chand

DUBAI 24 December 2018: Dubai Police recently arrested two Asian maids for stealing gold jewellery worth Dh13,000 from their Indian sponsor and employer.

Brigadier Jamal Salem Al Jalaf, Director of General Department of Criminal Investigation of Dubai Police, said the force managed to arrest the maids before their sponsor was even aware of the theft.

“Two Asian maids were suspected of having stolen gold jewellery, including rings, bracelets and necklaces worth around Dh13,000. They intended to sell the stolen gold in the gold market but they didn’t have any identification papers or bills,” Brigadier Al Jallaf explained.

Col. Mohammed Ahli, Deputy Director of CID, said: “When we contacted the Indian housewife to inform her about the stolen gold, she was very surprised and expressed her gratitude and thanks to Dubai Police. She even sent a thank you message to force’s team expressing her deep appreciation and thanks via Dubai Police Leaders at Your Service that is available on Dubai Police’s official website,” Col Ahli added.

Col. Ahli advises all housewives to intensify the supervision of maids, determine their responsibilities and house chores, adding that some maids betray the trust given by their sponsors and commit crime.

Dubai Gazette