‘Strawberry quick’ is not drug: Dubai Police

Rumour mongers will be prosecuted

Dubai Police have denied social network rumors that drug dealers are selling strawberry containing narcotics to school children in the emirate and threatened to take measures against the rumor mongers.

Police quickly reacted to reports on social networks that a new sweet product called “strawberry quick” containing drugs is being sold to school children in the emirate.

Sample tested by police laboratories showed the product contains no drugs and is only a sweetening mouth spray, said Colonel Eid Hareb, director of the counter-narcotics department at Dubai’s police.

“We have discovered that these products contain no drugs as it has been rumored…it has strawberry and other flavours and is used as a sweet mouth spray,” he said.

“Those who spread such rumors wanted to cause confusion and dismay…we are trying to track all of them and prosecute them.”

Newspapers in the UAE and other countries have reported those rumors saying drug dealers are selling coloured and flavoured crystal methamphetamine known as “strawberry quick” to children.

Dubai Gazette