Suicidal European saved at the last minute by cop

By Eudore R. Chand

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

DUBAI 6 January 2019: A Dubai Police officer managed to save the life of a European while he was trying to commit suicide in his room in the villa where he lives.

The command and control room of the Dubai Police General Command received a notification last Thursday at 11 o’clock by a European person stating that his friend had written on the social networking site Facebook expressing his desire to commit suicide, said Brigadier Jamal Salem Al Jallaf, Director of the General Department of Criminal Investigations and Investigations at Dubai Police.

Immediately upon receiving the communication, Dubai Police was able to locate the man’s residence in a villa in the Al Bada area. Police officers arrived at the residence in record time. The lead officer met the owner of the villa and asked him about the man. He learned that the European was renting a room on the second floor, and had not been seen for several days.

The officer, accompanied by the owner of the villa, went up to the man’s room and knocked on its door. They heard the sounds of suffocation directly behind the door. But the door was tightly closed and it was difficult to break.

Swift action was needed to save the man’s life.

Brig. Gen. Al Jallaf

The officer had noticed a metal ladder in the courtyard of the villa when he had arrived. He hurried down and used the ladder to climb on to the balcony of the man’s room, from where he was able to break the balcony door and enter the room.

He found the man had put a belt around his neck trying to end his life.

He untied the belt on the man’s neck, and gave him first aid, which saved his life.

Brigadier Al Jallaf said that the man was almost unconscious due to suffocation, lack of oxygen and high blood pressure caused by his attempt to commit suicide.

The man had written a message and put it on his bed, addressed to his relatives. the note said the reasons that led him to think about suicide, were related to private financial and social matters.

The man was transferred to the hospital urgently, and to provide him with the necessary medical care, while a specialized team of psychiatric specialists in Dubai Police provided him with psychological support, as they reviewed his needs to help stabilize his psychological condition.

The man expressed remorse for surrendering to negative thoughts that made him think about suicide rather than dealing with his personal problems.He offered his thanks to Dubai Police for their speedy intervention and contribution to saving his life and providing support to him.

Brigadier Al Jallaf praised the officer’s wisdom and quick thinking.

Dubai Gazette