TT Custom motors celebrates the start of the new biking season

TT Custom Motors Dubai is the regions pioneer in customizing motorcycles, cars, boats, choppers and private jets. The brand is excited to invite all automotive enthusiasts to celebrate the start of the new biking season during the first week of November. At the same time the event will commemorate TT Custom Motors’ latest project, the opening of the biggest customization factory in the world.

Up until now the blistering heat of the UAE summer kept bikers in the region from enjoying their rides, which is now changing with the cooling weather. TT Custom Motors welcomes automotive lovers and bikers alike as a gesture to bring the communities together. Thus the gathering will be an open event, traditionally held before the season kicks in, giving visitors also a sneak preview to the latest models and products.

The celebration of the new biking season will be a chance for participants, not only to gain an insight into the latest products, but also to dive into the extraordinary lifestyle behind the biker scene. The event will feature several organized rides throughout the day while food and refreshments will be provided too.