A worker kills compatriot following sodomy

Twenty-year-old Pakistani worker, MN, allegedly premeditatedly killed a compatriot, who sodomised him after offering him a job, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

On May 9, at around 2.30am, two Pakistani drivers spotted a man on the street.
They two driver stopped to find out what about the man.
“He was severely bleeding in the right side of his neck. He was acting hysterically and beating the ground with his palm. He told us that a man stabbed him and ran away. We called the police. An ambulance arrived while the man was still alive. A minute after he apparently died,” testified driver TA.

Investigating the case, police spotted the victim’s car stopped off the road at Jebel Ali.

The right door of the car and the seat were sustained with blood. After lifting fingerprints from the car, police found some on the door’s glass belonged to MN.

Police arrested MN from his accommodation in Abu Dhabi and confiscated the knife used in the crime, which was wrapped, with Pakistani costume sustained with blood. The dress and the knife were hidden in a sack near the accused’s bed.

Police also confiscated three mobile phones in MN’s possession, one of which belonged to the victim.

MN admitted to the crime and said that he stabbed the victim after sodomising him. He also admitted that he was wearing the confiscated dress and that he stabbed the victim with knife wrapped with the dress.

The accused said that after losing his job, he met the victim. He asked the victim if he could help find a job.  He then offered the accused to work with him as a porter.

MN, accepted the job, but he killed the man only three days after moving to stay with him.

“I moved to NA’s accommodation in Al Quoz area and stayed with him in the same room. From the very first night, he attempted to molest me. I refused that for two consecutive nights. On the third night at around 2am, he was very persistent to have sex with me and tried to convince me to accept. He told me that co-workers would not know about that. I raged in anger, told him that I do not want the job, and got out of the room,” the accused told investigators.

The victim followed MN, asked him not to leave the job, and offered him his car to sleep in.

“NA opened the car’s door and, as I got in, he got in too. He drove the car and when I asked him why and where he is going, he answered me that he does not want co-worker to notice me sleeping in the car,” said the accused.

The victim stopped the car at a nearby parking area, and resumed molesting the accused.

The victim got off the car, aggressively molested the accused, and leaned back the seat. He also forcibly pulled down his trouser and sodomised him.
“I resisted him with all my strength and as I could not, I remembered there was a knife in the car’s pocked between the two front seats.  I pulled it and stabbed him… I did not know where the stab was. He resisted me and while fighting with him, I got a wound in my thigh. He got off the car and I ran away. I turned back to the car but did not saw him. I drove the car heading to Abu Dhabi… At Jebel Ali, the car stopped. I got off the car and stopped a passing by motorist and continued with him to Abu Dhabi,” the accused told investigators.

Forensic reported the victim died of bleeding because of 7cm depth stab that cut off jugular vein.
Examining the accused, it also reported that he sustained a wound in his thigh and other scratches in his body. Anal swap proved that the accused was sodomised, but DNA of found sperms could not be identified.

Prosecution accused MN of premediated murder associated with a theft.

MN denied the two accusations and the court adjourned that case until November 16 to appoint a defence lawyer.

Dubai Gazette