Two con a businessman out of Dh1 million for a flat

Two Allegedly conned an Egyptian business man of Dh925,650, the price of a flat he bought from them after claiming its ownership.

The businessman, WA, 51, met FA, who claimed working in a real-estate company and agreed with him to buy a flat in a tower.

“FA claimed that the flat is owned by BK and presented an original owner ship certificate that carried the title of the Lands Department in Dubai. I was convinced of that and so I handed him over a total of 925,650 over six months from December 2014,” testified the businessman.

A compatriot woman who accompanied the businessman when viewed the flat, mad corroborative testimony and said that she met the accused BK and the fugitive FA in the real estate company where they presented ownership certificate of the flat which stated that BK is its owner.

Records did not reveal who the businessman knew that he was conned and how the two could forge the flat’s certificate.

A letter from the Land Department reported that the flat is registered in the name of MM.

BK admitted to selling the flat to the Egyptian and that he was not its owner against a forged ownership certificate.

The court will give sentence on December 13.

Dubai Gazette