Expat beats dreaded ‘lupus’ that ravaged her kidney

By Sheena Amos

UAE recently approved organ transplants

DUBAI 29 November 2017: Zulekha Hospital recently helped an Indian expat to regain her normal life and health after suffering with the dreaded disease – lupus (Systemic Lupus Erythematosus) since 2008.

Roshni Jai Ramdas, a 39-year old expat living in the UAE was initially treated with steroids after being diagnosed with SLE, also known simply as lupus, which is an autoimmune disease in which the body’s immune system mistakenly attacks healthy tissue in many parts of the body.

As the disease continued to hit her kidneys in spite of several medications, renal biopsy was done and showed class 4 Lupus Nephritis. The patient previously was treated with ½ CPM (Continuous Passive Motion) and showed partial response.

Ramdas came to Zulekha Hospital in April 2012 and was still suffering from SLE. The disease was relentless and she slowly started to lose renal function progressing to End-Stage Renal Disease by March 2015.

She started on Renal Replacement Therapy in Zulekha Hospital’s Dialysis unit in August 2016, she received hemodialysis sessions for 4 hours, 3 times a week. Dialysis continued on regular basis and Renal Transplant was strongly advised by the hospital after her elder sister Pooja Dodeja was compatible as a voluntary kidney donor. She was admitted immediately to a hospital in Bangalore for a kidney transplant in September after a year being on dialysis.

One month after the transplant, she returned back to Dubai to be followed up at Zulekha Hospital in Dubai under the supervision of Dr. Alind Kumar, Nephrologist at Zulekha Hospital- Dubai.

Dr. Alind Kumar with Roshni Jai Ramdas
Dr. Alind Kumar with Roshni Jai Ramdas

Commenting on the case, Dr. Kumar Said: “Roshni has successfully completed the first anniversary of her transplantation and doing very well with normal kidney function. She is currently on minimal medications to avoid rejection of her newly acquired transplanted kidney.”

“Patients had to suffer long travels before to undergo organ transplants, but now such delicate operations can be done in UAE after the Ministry of Health recently approved organ transplants in the country.” The doctor added.

“I am very thankful to God firstly for blessing me with a new life. I met Dr. Alind Kumar at the right time at Zulekha Hospital Dubai, who explained and guided me rightly for the transplant suggesting the best treatments over the years. The team was very helpful in supporting me throughout my treatment. My condition was very critical and it was taken care of very well by one and all at Zulekha Hospital. Though everything took time, the patience and commitment of the nurses and doctor is something that helped me through and get back to normal life.”, Ramdas said.

The patient is currently on regular follow up with Zulekha Hospital and she visits the dialysis unit whenever she gets time to encourage other patients not to give up, but to go for kidney transplant if no contraindication exists.