UAE refutes false claims over nuclear plant safety

By Rajive Singh

Al Barakh Nuclear Power Plant

ABU DHABI 23 March 2019: The UAE has refuted false claims about the safety of Barakah nuclear power plant.

“The United Arab Emirates is not aware of such concerns related to the safety of its nuclear power plant. The UAE adheres to its commitment to the highest standards of nuclear safety, security and non-proliferation as outlined in its nuclear policy in 2008,” said Ambassador Hamad Ali Al Kaabi, UAE Permanent Representative to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to Wam.

The UAE Nuclear Energy Programme conforms to the Safety Standards of the IAEA and the international best practices, and ensuring its implementation in the development of the Barakah Nuclear Power Plant.

The Barakah Nuclear Power Plant is using the advanced third generation nuclear technology, comprising four reactors of a modern Korean design with advanced safety features. Moreover, the UAE received in the past decade more than 10 peer-review missions covering various aspects from nuclear infrastructure, the legal and regulatory system, nuclear safety, security, emergency preparedness and nonproliferation and the reports of these missions are publicly available.

91% Complete

Such missions embody the UAE’s commitments in following international recommendations to ensure its nuclear programme is safe, secure and peaceful and its commitments to the highest standard of transparency.

The Barakah Nuclear Power Plant in advanced construction stage with the project reaching over 91%, with expected operation by 2020.

The UAE is part of international conventions, which reflects the nation commitment to ensure safety and security of the nuclear Programme. UAE is a Contracting Party to the Convention on Nuclear Safety since 2009. The UAE takes active part in the Review Meeting at IAEA, which holds its meeting every three years to answer all matters related to the nuclear programme as raised by IAEA Member States. We encourage all countries including our neighbors to participate in such fora.

The UAE has a competent independent nuclear regulatory authority, which is responsible for ensuring the safety and security of the Barakah Nuclear Power Plant through applying robust regulatory licensing and inspection. It oversees the construction and commissioning according to the highest international safety standards.

Advisory Board

In addition, the UAE commissioned the International Advisory Board, chaired by the former IAEA Director General Hans Blix, providing advice to the UAE Government on its nuclear programme to ensure its compliance with the highest international standards in terms of safety, security and nuclear non-proliferation. Reports of the IAB is also available publicly.

The UAE does not believe that there is any concern regarding the safety of its nuclear power plant, however we encourage interested countries to use the right venues where such information on nuclear safety can be provided and questions can be addressed. In particular, to participate at the Convention on Nuclear Safety review process to learn more about the advanced safety approach of UAE Nuclear Energy Progamme.”

Dubai Gazette